Welcome to CleanSource, your dependable partner for top-tier cleaning, housekeeping, and security services in Kolkata. Whether you're in need of excellent cleaning solutions or comprehensive facility management, CleanSource is your ultimate choice. Discover why we stand out as the best cleaner services in Kolkata and how we can elevate the standard of your spaces.

1. Comprehensive Cleaning Services:

At CleanSource, we provide a wide array of cleaning services tailored to both residential and corporate needs. Our top cleaner services in Kolkata ensure your environment is not just clean, but healthy and welcoming. From routine cleanings to intensive deep cleans, our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary for any task.

2. Expert Housekeeping Services:

Known as a leading housekeeping agency in Kolkata, we excel through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Our housekeeping services are designed to keep your property in pristine condition, consistently meeting your high standards. Experience why we are recognized as the best housekeeping company in Kolkata by trying our services today.

3. Corporate Housekeeping Solutions:

For businesses, maintaining a clean and organized workspace is critical. As a distinguished corporate housekeeping company in Kolkata, we provide bespoke solutions that align with your specific business needs. From regular maintenance to occasional deep cleaning, our team ensures a productive and safe workplace for your staff.

4. Security Services:

Beyond cleaning and housekeeping, CleanSource also offers robust security services in Kolkata. Our trained security professionals are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your premises, providing peace of mind that your property is well protected.

5. Why Choose CleanSource:

  • Reliability: Trusted by numerous homes and businesses across Kolkata.
  • Quality: Utilization of advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • Customization: Services tailored to meet your exact needs.
  • Professional Staff: Experienced, trained, and thoroughly vetted personnel.


Whether you need reliable housekeeping services, a dependable cleaning company, or a professional security agency in Kolkata, CleanSource is prepared to exceed your expectations. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your space.

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Pest Control Services in Kolkata

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